In use at more than 16,000 locations
Responds to all
requirements for electricity power
Energy Agent Services from the KDDI Group
Supporting energy conservation and reduction of carbon
dioxide while reducing electricity costs

What are Energy Agent

What’s energy agent service?
Reduction of electricity costs. Saving energy.
Promoting decarbonization of electricity.
ENERES offers services in response to a variety of concerns about electricity.
Energy Agent Services help our business customers to resolve all electrical issues.
The most common concern is how to reduce electricity costs.
We offer a low-priced electricity plan which suits our customer's environment.
We also suggest the combination of a visualization of power consumption and the saving of energy by automatic control of lighting
and air-conditioning in order to assist in achieving up to 30% reduction in electricity costs.
Recently, global environmental problems have become recognized as one of the management challenges that effect the continuation of the enterprise.
In this situation, electricity from renewable energy,
which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions indirectly, is gaining more attention.
The renewable energy sources are solar, solar heat, hydro, wind, biomass, and geothermal. These will produce electricity to be used for corporate production activities.
ENERES offers the best renewable energy proposal—green electricity—for our customers.
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Case studies

Case Studies
In use at more than 16,000 locations. We can work for any size company in all industries.
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What does ENERES do?

About us
For users of power, for suppliers of power, ENERES’s business is expanding in both domains.
Our business and capital alliance with KDDI generated New Strengths from the combination of the strengths of KDDI and ENERES.
Our major businesses comprise “services to corporate customers,” the core of our Energy Agent Services; and “Electricity Retailers Support Services” for a new business entity entering the power industry.
We contribute to the creation of new value by achieving the efficient use of electricity through support in “supply” and “use” of electricity.
Company Name ENERES Co., Ltd
Stock Exchange Listing
(Securities Identification Code)
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers(6079)
Established December 2004
Capital 2,841,210,000 yen (as of September 30, 2018)
President, Representative Director Masahiro Kobayashi
Businesses Services for corporate customers
(Energy Agent Service)
New electricity retailers support services
(Demand management and electricity wholesale for electricity retaile)
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